Quotes from Recent Fellowship Graduates:

“The UH fellowship program was one of the most life altering experiences of my life. The education is powerful but depends on the personal investment each fellow places into the overall experience. During my fellowship experience, I felt that I was surrounded by extremely intelligent colleagues who not only demonstrated sound medical knowledge, but also exhibited warmth, compassion and zest for life, all of which are important in Geriatric Medicine and how one renders care to our frail elderly (our Kupuna). It’s a fellowship in the truest sense, it lasts a lifetime and does not end at the termination of the academic period to which one matriculates.”  Hiren Patel, M.D. (graduated 2012)


“There is a wonderful variety with outpatient clinic, skilled nursing facilities, inpatient, medical directorship, teaching of the community and medical students. The teaching faculty are very concerned about planning for our future after fellowship, the balance between lifestyle and education/training, and they respond well to improving the program based on fellow feedback.  I appreciated the accessibility and approachability of the staff, camaraderie amongst the fellows, support for projects that you wished to pursue and lots of assistance for those who were new to research.”  Sera Yee, M.D. (graduated 2013)


“The support staff and faculty are amazing and always make you feel cared for. The program really strives to put your education and career interests as top priority.”  Keila Ching, M.D. (graduated 2015)


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