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August 31, 2016:  Maximizing Medication Safety

Sept. 28, 2016:  Approach to Early and Mid-stage Dementia

October 26, 2016:  Preventive Care (Annual Wellness)

Nov. 23, 2016:  Managing Frequent Fallers

Jan. 11, 2017:  Pain Management Issues in the Elderly

February 8, 2017: Anorexia and Adult FTT (Failure to Thrive)

March 8, 2017:  Caregiver Support

April 12, 2017:  Strategies for Managing Dementia Behaviors (pharmacologic, non-pharmacologic)

May 10, 2017: Lifespan and Advance Care Planning

June 14, 2017: Endocrine Issues in the Elderly (DM, Thyroid, Osteoporosis, Hypogonadism)

July 12, 2017: Urinary Issues

August 9, 2017: Insomnia

September 13, 2017: Maximizing Medication Safety

October 11, 2017

November 8, 2017:  Innovative Strategies to Improve Medication Safety: A Prescription for Prevention


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